IDX Info for Vendors & Agents

IDX Info for Vendors & Agents

IMPORTANT Notice to RETS Vendors: 
Below is a link to the implementation document for transitioning to the Matrix™ database. Final cutover is planned for September 9, 2015. At that point, if the vendor has not made this transition, listing data feeds will no longer work on your websites.

Members, we encourage you to touch base with your vendor to be sure they have taken the proper steps to transition to Matrix™ so you will not experience a disruption in listing data feeds to your site once we officially cutover to Matrix™ on September 9.

If you have questions or need assistance please reach out:

RETS Vendor Matrix™ Guide


IDX Agreement:

The Internet Data Exchange (IDX) policy defines the BLC® listing service Participant’s (the principal broker’s) authorization of electronic display or their listings by other Participants and their licensees. Electronic display means the display of listings on a Participant’s public website and displays using applications for mobile devices that Participants control.  The Participant must have the ability to add, delete, modify and update information as required by this policy.  All displays of the IDX electronic display of a listing must be under the actual and apparent control of the Participant and must be presented to the public as being the Participant’s display. Any IDX display by a licensee of the principal broker is subject to the Participant’s oversight, supervision, and accountability and must include the Participant's company name or logo in compliance with Indiana license law requires.  Only those data fields available on the Consumer Full Detail report may be included in the electronic display.  Most major national IDX vendors are currently servicing Participants in the BLC® listing service market.

Click here for the IDX Agreement

Framing Link Service Agreement:

Log in to the BLC® Listing Service and click on the IDX Frame button under MIBOR Membership Information to get set up. Click here for step-by-step instructions. 

To update your billing information, follow the instructions here.

VOW Agreement:

The Virtual Office Website (“VOW”) policy is a feature of a Participant’s website, through which the Participant is capable of providing real estate brokerage services to consumers with whom the Participant has first established a broker-consumer relationship (as defined by Indiana State law) where the consumer has the opportunity to search Broker Listing Cooperative® listing service listing information, subject to the Participant’s oversight, supervision, and accountability. A non-principal broker or sales licensee affiliated with a Participant may, with his or her Participant’s consent, operate a VOW. Any VOW of a non-principal broker or sales licensee is subject to the Participant’s oversight, supervision, and accountability.

Click here for the VOW Agreement