Listing Syndication

Listing Syndication

What is Listing Syndication?

Listing syndication is the term that the real estate industry uses when a brokerage advertises their listing (properties being offered for sale) on websites around the internet. These websites are often referred to as “Portals” or “channels”.

How does a brokerage provide their listing information to the Listing Syndication websites through the BLC® listing service?

Zillow and Trulia

Other Portal Sites – ListHub Publisher Network

  • For other Portal websites, the Managing Broker can register at and select from a list of more than 50 additional websites. Once authorized and selected by the Managing Broker, will send the brokerage’s listings to those website. &

Listings marked as Public Internet Yes are automatically sent to & unless indicated with the Direct Soliciting Yes option in the service. A Direct Soliciting Yes options denotes that a sign or notice is on the property indicating that the seller is soliciting direct contact from buyers.

How does Syndication differ from Internet Data Exchange?

Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is a defined set of policies governing the ability of participants to authorize other participants of the BLC® Listing Service to advertise each other’s listings on each other’s Internet website. In Syndication, a brokerage may only advertise their own listings on a variety of sites such as Zillow, Trulia or