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MIBOR Partners on Graffiti Abatement; Launch Event Next Wednesday

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NAR Asks for Member Action on Patent Troll Legislation
Did you know that in Indiana there have been 124 lawsuits filed by patent trolls?  It’s time we stopped this abuse and closed the legal loopholes that patent trolls thrive on. Stand up for Indiana REALTORS® and tell your Representative to support H.R. 9 – The Innovation Act! Click here for the Call to Action you can send your Representative right now.

Patent trolls exist solely to purchase outdated patents and use the threat of expensive lawsuits to extort money from legitimate businesses.  REALTORS® are targeted by patent trolls for simply using common business technologies like dropdown menus and search functions on websites or scan-to-email technologies found in every office scanner.  H.R. 9 – The Innovation Act is a common-sense comprehensive patent litigation reform bill that will protect Main Street businesses and REALTORS® from patent troll abuse. 
  • Click here to contact your Representative
  • Click here to find out more information about Patent Litigation Reform
  • Click here to learn about patent trolls and why REALTORS® should care
  • Click here to download NAR's talking points about H.R. 9, the Innovation Act
  Thank you for your support on this important legislative issue.
  Matrix™ Users Grow, Expect Regular Updates
  With less than 40 days to the full transition to the Matrix™ platform, we are closely monitoring the number of members who are receiving training and the average number of daily Matrix™ users. We will share these numbers with you as Managing Brokers so that you can continue to encourage your agents to train and utilize Matrix™ as their sole system. 

In a typical environment where only one platform is available, we expect to see approximately 4,000 average daily BLC® users. Currently, with members accessing Matrix™, Fusion™ and Tempo, the average daily user number is naturally divided among all three options. For the last several months, the average number of daily Matrix™ users has consistently been in the 1,200 range. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, more than 1,400 daily users accessed Matrix™. Members are clearly making an effort to use Matrix™. We will continue to provide updates as those numbers grow in anticipation of the September 9th transition.  
  Bookmark the MIBOR Snapshot and check regularly for the latest industry and membership stats. Click here  
  OTHER NEWS      
  Members Preview Red Line Plans  
  On Monday, nearly 70 members gathered at MIBOR to hear proposed plans for the Red Line and the central Indiana regional transportation plans. The presentation slides, fact sheet, renderings and map are available for view. Click here for the materials.

A series of public meetings and presentations will take place this fall. Watch Fast Track, Industry Insider and MIBOR social media channels for details. 
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  Sept. 9: Matrix™ Transition Complete, Fusion™ and Tempo Retired. MORE  
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  Sept 17: REALTOR® Foundation Golf Outing MORE  
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