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MIBOR is the professional association representing central Indiana's REALTORS®. Founded in 1912, MIBOR was established by 43 charter members and today serves the needs of nearly 8,000 members in Boone, Brown, Decatur, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Madison, Marion, Montgomery, Morgan, and Shelby counties. In addition to serving these counties, MIBOR also provides a Broker Listing Cooperative® listing service to REALTORS® in Bartholomew, Jennings and Putnam counties. 

Core Purpose:
To provide a professional, supportive environment for MIBOR members.

That REALTORS® work in an environment that enables prosperity.

Foster a healthy and orderly marketplace for members.

To provide benefits and services to and on behalf of its members that they cannot reasonably do for/by themselves, nor can their company, nor can their franchise.

1912 N. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202
317-956-5050 FAX

Current Strategic Direction:
2016-2018 MIBOR Strategic Plan

Year End Reports:

Current Employment Openings: 

Board of Directors Contact Information
Jason O'Neil
Lynn N Wheeler
Julie Downey, CDPE
Jenni Ruiz
Tom Johnson
District 3
Thomas G. Kiritsis, II
Jerrod Klein
Phil Ludlow
District 6
Heather Meyer
Helen M. Metken
District 6
Sue Pfohl
District 1
Mark Ratterman
District 8 Appraiser
Kelly Todd
District 1
Stacy West
District 2
Roger Lundy
Immediate Past President

MIBOR StaffContact Information
Shelley Specchio
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 317-956-5237
Devon Allison
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 317-956-5234
Doug Alvey
Online and Call Center Support Specialist
Phone: 317-956-5239
Angie Baker
Online & Call Center Support Specialist
Phone: 317-956-5247
Jaime L Barb
Vice President of Marketing and Communications
Phone: 317-956-5246
Angela Berg
Business Support Services Representative
Phone: 317-956-5263
Jenny Brooking
Accounting Assistant
Phone: 317-956-5264
Terri Buhner
Office Manager
Phone: 317-956-5238
Zachary Churney
Economic & Community Development Liaison
Phone: 317-956-5258
John Craney
Information Systems Specialist
Phone: 956-5251
Paige Dowe
Online & Call Center Support Specialist
Phone: 317-956-5242
Lacey Everett
Government and Community Relations Strategist
Phone: 317-956-5252
Desiree Harrison
Business Solutions Team Leader
Phone: 317-956-5233
Andrew Huber
Communications Liaison
Phone: 317-956-5245
Gary Knight
Online & Call Support Manager
Phone: 317-956-5225
Jeanette Langford
Vice President of Professional Services
Phone: 317-956-5241
Megan Lee
Business Support Services Representative
Phone: 317-956-5222
Brent Lyle
Marketing and Communications Specialist
Phone: 317-956-5232
Karen McGuire
Industry Relations Manager
Phone: 317-956-5280
Tracy Nierste
Professional Services Specialist
Phone: 317-956-5244
Tim Philhower
Technical Support Representative
Phone: 317-956-5267
Chris Pryor
Vice President of Government and Community Relations
Phone: 317-956-5240
Kari Smith
Administrative Services Coordinator
Phone: 317-956-5235
Felecia Stanley
Business Support Services Representative
Phone: 317-956-5243
Mona Werling
Online & Call Center Support Specialist
Phone: 317-956-5257
Tres York
Manager of Political Affairs
Phone: 317-956-5250

REALTORŪ Foundation StaffContact Information
Gabie Benson
REALTORŪ Foundation Executive Director
Phone: 317-956-5255

WebmasterContact Information
Webmaster Support

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