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MIBOR Fast Track - Mibor Spotlight

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Case #16-3: Mass Media Solicitation Not a Violation of the Code 
REALTOR® A, a residential broker, worked in a market area that included an attractive suburb of a large city. At the time REALTOR® A launched a new advertising program, there were a number of houses for sale in the neighborhood listed exclusively with other REALTORS®, each having the respective listing broker’s sign on its front lawn. More

Ethics Violation Report
The Ethics Complaint process serves as both an educational and discipline process for REALTORS®. The Ethics Violation Report was created to provide members with more information on outcomes of ethics decisions. Summaries of ethics hearing panel decisions are included along with information on disciplines assessed. More

Citation Program Takes Effect March 1 
In an effort to remove barriers to reporting possible violations of the Code of Ethics, MIBOR has adopted a citation program which will take effect on March 1, 2015. More

Professional Standards Pet Peeves Issue #2:
Facebook Group Snarkiness – When do you put yourself at risk?

With Social Media and Smart Phones, everyone can be a blogger 24/7. Facebook Groups have formed where individuals feel really safe and comfortable having very open conversations about a myriad of different topics. But, when does this put you at risk? There are three areas where you should self-censor. More

NAR Expands Safety Resources  

NAR encourages you to educate yourself about the potential dangers REALTORS® can face on the job with the resources available in the REALTOR® Safety Program. From videos to safety app recommendations for your smartphone to educational webinars, NAR is serious about your safety. There’s a lot more in store for the REALTOR® Safety Program this year too. New resources will be introduced throughout the year, including a new safety course, safety tips, videos and more. Be sure to visit often so you don’t miss a thing.

Pending New Members

The following individuals have applied for membership as of January 28, 2015. More

IN OTHER NEWS: Have YOU Been Trained?

More than 3,500 members have attended a presentation-style or hands-on training class. Are you ready for Matrix™? Hands-on classes, webinars, and On-Demand videos are available now.  Click here for webinars and click here for the menu of On Demand videos. Hands-on training classes continue, click here for the updated schedule

MIBOR Ball Rings in The New Year
The MIBOR Ball January 17th ushered in new leadership and was the spot to see the best and brightest as six members were honored with industry awards. Perhaps best of all, the event raised more than $50,000 for the REALTOR® Foundation’s work with area homeless. Thanks to guests and sponsors alike, that impressive total will aid the most vulnerable begin a path to self-sufficiency and stability. More

Tech Spotlight Calendar
All Month: For More information on MIBOR Division meetings. More
February 2-3:
IAR Legislative Conference. More
Matrix™ Training. More
Ongoing: Online Calendar of Events. More