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MIBOR Committees

MIBOR has numerous standing committees as well as task forces and focus groups which are organized on an as needed basis for member input. The following are the current Standing Committees and their staff liaison.

BLC® Operations & Technology Committee
Staff Liaison: Nicole Jensen

Identifies problems, solutions and new ideas for the operations of the BLC® Listing Service. The committee meetings will consist of:

1.Reporting by committee members on issues and concerns.

2.Reporting by staff on issues and concerns.

3.Review and update of current issues.

4.Recommendations to Staff, BLC® Policy Committee and/or Board of Directors on issues and policy.

BLC® Policy Committee
Staff Liaison: Nicole Jensen

Purpose: to set policy for BLC® participants; develop long range concepts for overall service; review service options and products; review use of collective data; reviews who has access; examine pricing of services.

Economic Development Council

Staff Liaison: Zachary Churney

Finance Committee
Staff Liaison: Devon Allison

To monitor the general financial health of MIBOR and to develop, review and recommend to the Board of Directors financial guidelines for MIBOR.

Grievance Committee (I & II)
Staff Liaison: Tracy Nierste

The Grievance Committee receives ethics complaints and arbitration requests to determine if, taken as true on their face, a hearing is to be warranted. The Grievance Committee makes only such preliminary evaluation as is necessary to make these decisions. While the Grievance Committee has meetings, it does not hold hearings, does not decide whether members have violated the Code of Ethics, and does not dismiss ethics complaints because of lack of evidence. The Grievance Committee also reviews and makes a determination on Citation Complaints. Each Grievance Committee group consists of 15 members and meets monthly to conduct their reviews. Meetings typically last two to three hours.

MPAC Trustees
Staff Liaison: Tres York

Nominating Committee
Staff Liaison: Terri Buhner

Professional Standards Committee
Staff Liaison: Jeanette Langford

The Professional Standards Committee is the pool from which a hearing panel will be assembled to hear an ethics complaint or arbitration request. There are typically 80-90 members who serve on the Committee and each member can expect to be called on to serve as a hearing panelist between 1-4 times per year. Hearing Panel Chairpersons can expect to be called 4-8 times per year. The average hearing length is 2-3 hours however some hearings may last five to seven hours.