You bought a house! Now What?

You bought a house! Now What?

Posted by: Jake Smith on Wednesday, July 3, 2019 at 6:00:00 am

You found a good Realtor®, you went to open houses, you found the perfect home, you made an offer, you went through inspections, you negotiated with the seller, you’ve secured your home loan, and now you’ve closed! Great news, that’s just the beginning, there is plenty more to come after you’ve gotten the keys. Here’s 5 things that should be at the top of your list to do for your new home.

Find the main water shut off
You probably were shown this if you were with your home inspector, but in case you weren’t you NEED to know where this is located in your home. If there are ever problems with your water lines, or you need to do any maintenance with plumbing, the main water line is going to be where you go first.

Hire a pest control company
Hopefully this is a precautionary step, pests can be a terrible for you and your home. Shop around and find a company with a good reputation, you’ll want to have someone you can rely on if you are ever invaded by unwelcomed guests. It’s also important to have annual maintenance on your house to prevent pests that can cause major damage, such as termites.

Clean the gutters
Your gutters are you first line of defense against water damage. It’s important to regularly get your ladder out and clean the gutters of any debris that’s collected otherwise water can just spill over onto the ground which can find it’s way into the foundation of your home.

Tell EVERYONE about your change of address
This one is pretty simple but can seem never ending. Go through and update your driver’s license, all of your contacts, your subscriptions, your services, your billing. It’s important that anything that sends you mail needs to get your new address, otherwise how will you get all of those bills you love?

There is PLENTY to go on a list of to-do’s as you’re moving in but don’t let that stress you out. Ultimately these are things to make for a better quality of living in the long term, make it fun and enjoy your new home!

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