FINALLY! The Indiana State Fair is here!

FINALLY! The Indiana State Fair is here!

Posted by: Andrew Huber on Sunday, August 4, 2019 at 6:00:00 am

The annual State Fair is a bittersweet affair because it usually marks the end of the summer for a lot of us.  We’ll let that play the role of ‘bitter’ in bittersweet and we’ll let deep-fried Oreos, lemon shake ups, and Dairy Barn chocolate milkshakes cover the ‘sweet’ half.

The Indiana State Fair runs from August 2nd through the 18th.  The theme this year is “Heroes in the Heartland”- celebrating farmers, police officers, firefighters, teachers and of course our military members.  We celebrate those who are essential to our communities by remembering their contributions through the “Tribute Towers” which is being described as a “photographic war memorial”.

Now let’s get down to the most fattening- I mean important- thing about the Fair- the FOOD.  Hold your breath, we’ll get through this- mac & cheese eggrolls with pulled barbeque on top, a pork barbeque “banana split” with coleslaw, a deep-fried chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich (YOU’RE MINE) and a grilled cheese sandwich made with hash browns instead of bread.  Life is good at the fair.

Beyond food the fair is doing what it does best- offering all kinds of entertainment for the whole family- concerts, animal exhibits, rides and games.  I personally like to grab a milkshake then go watch the pigs judge me as I scarf it down in a sweet scene of irony. 

Plan your attack accordingly.  Last year there was a record 91,000 in attendance.  Take a day off work and beat the crowds or just plan to be very patient.  Regardless, be sure to get the most out of the final days of summer by celebrating our culture at the 2019 Indiana State Fair.  Buy your tickets here.


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