Possible Transit Option May Change Central Indiana Life

Possible Transit Option May Change Central Indiana Life

Posted by: Claire Belby on Sunday, August 2, 2015 at 8:00:00 am

Possible Transit Option May Change Central Indiana Life

For the last several years, central Indiana residents have heard rumblings about the need for expanded transit options in our area. There have been legislative attempts at light rail creation and other options that would bring the Indy market closer on par with cities of our size. Public and private organizations have studied the impacts of transit investment and, while no concrete efforts have emerged, the understanding that Indy needs better transit options for residents seems to have taken hold.

A group of interested local REALTORS® recently received a preview presentation about an emerging plan for the “Red Line”.

The Red Line is a bus rapid transit line that would – in phase one – run from Broad Ripple to the University of Indianapolis. Later phases extend south to Greenwood and north to Westfield. With all phases complete, the Red Line is 36 miles long and would occupy the nation’s first battery-electronic bus rapid transit system. Buses would occupy a dedicated center lane for most of phase one and be interspersed with traffic in the southern most portions of phase one.  

The Red Line would run every 10-15 minutes, utilizing dedicated stops with platform stations for loading and unloading. The stations would feature level boarding for bikes, strollers and wheelchairs. Transit experts tout the Red Line as our best chance to have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time as the proposed route connects many large employers, the cities four largest universities, cultural attractions, downtown destinations and neighborhoods where transit options are lacking.

IndyGo received a federal TIGER grant to do environmental impact and preliminary engineering work, as well as to get Phase 1 of the line, from Broad Ripple to the University of Indianapolis, ready for a federal funding application in late 2015. A series of public presentations will be held this fall. More information and pending dates for the public presentations can be found at  


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