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Not Getting the Results in Matrix™ You Should?

If you are searching in Matrix™ and find that you are getting different search results than you are in Tempo or Fusion™, you most likely are not using the “wildcards” in your search. One of the most important “wildcard” search functions is the asterisk (*). A very common mistake that is being made is not using the asterisk (*) in the text fields, i.e., Street Name, Subdivision and Legal. The asterisk (*) is a “catch all” for additional text in a field.

For example, if you are searching for a street name of “Kelly”, but you are not certain how it is spelled, or how someone else may have entered it, you may want to enter Kell* in the Street Name field. In this example, the system will find any street names that begin with Kell and the * will act as a “catch all”.  So, in this example, if the Street Name was entered as Kelly, Kellie, Kelley, etc., the system will find it and it will appear in your results. If you just enter Kell, without the *, they system will only find those listings that are entered with a Street Name of exactly Kell and nothing more. This is true for Subdivision and Legal as well.  You may even want to enter your search criteria as *Kell*, just in case the listing was incorrectly entered as N. Kelly (in the Street Name field), etc.  Remember, the “*” is a “catch all” and ignores any text that may have been entered before/after the *, thus only making sure that the search criteria between the *’s is in the listing(s) for your search. 

Below are some examples of how to use the “wildcards”:

2015 MIBOR, 1912 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46202 | 317-956-1912 |