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Transition Update: In early fall, we changed our technology offerings resulting in a different search interface. The technology supporting the previous system no longer exists so a new interface was required. We understand there are pieces of functionality that do not operate as they have in the past and users must become accustomed to a new interface. We have collected feedback from users and continue to work with the vendor to make improvements. Many changes have been made. Every suggestion we receive during this transition is being considered and prioritized. If you have questions or comments not addressed below please contact us

Recent Updates Complete: You can search by acreage, condos and six months worth of sold properties in both 'more options' on the front page or 'advanced search' on a listings reveal page. (updated 11/25/15)

Update Coming: The pagination bug that prevents a user from going back to their last search result is being corrected. (updated 11/25/15)

Searching Tip: You may search in the first white navigation bar by county, township, address or listing number. Space limitations prevent additional copy in the white box, but please note you can also enter neighborhood, city or zip code. You can enter multiple criteria in your initial search. When beginning your search in the white navigation enter one criteria such as county, township, address, listing number, neighborhood, city or zip code. The system will find a match below the white bar. The category to that item will be in a box to the left under the white bar. Scroll down to find the correct match and select it. Then go back the white box, enter another criteria and repeat. If your criteria is narrow enough, select "Search for properties". If you wish to narrow the search by price, square footage or number of bedrooms, select "More options". Enter the options and then select "Search for properties".



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