Pre-Licensing FAQs

Pre-Licensing FAQs

Answers to these questions have been obtained from the Indiana Real Estate Commission Rules & Regulations. A complete copy of the Rules & Regulations, application forms, and a list of pre-licensing schools and continuing education schools may be accessed at

What course must I complete in order to apply for a real estate broker's license? 
You must successfully complete (including passing any exams required in the course) a course approved by the Indiana Real Estate Commission consisting of a total of at least 90 hours in instruction specified in IC 25-34.1-5-5. This course must be offered by a school specifically approved by the IREC to offer pre-licensure education.

Is it possible to take this course online? 
The Indiana Real Estate Commission has approved taking the course in an online format. Please check with the school directly to see if they offer the course online.

In addition to the classroom exam, must I pass a State exam? 
Yes. You must pass a written exam prepared by the real estate commission or its duly appointed agent. This exam may be offered at a number of testing sites.

Where can I take the State exam? 
The State of Indiana has retained the services of PEARSON VUE to develop and administer its real estate examination program. Candidates should make a reservation by phone at least three business days before the desired exam date, or by fax or on the Web at least four business days before the desired exam date. Specific location information can be obtained directly from PEARSON VUE.

To make a reservation:


After passing the State exam, am I licensed to practice real estate? 
In order to practice real estate, you must submit the following to the Indiana Real Estate Commission not more than 365 days after passing the exam:

The license fee of $60.00.

A sworn certification of a managing broker that the managing broker intends to associate with the applicant and maintain that association until notice of termination of the association is given to the commission. This is attested to on the application for licensure.

Where can I obtain a list of real estate schools offering the pre-licensing course? 
For a list of approved education providers, click here.