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What is it?
RPAC dollars are used to support REALTOR® friendly candidates and critical issues at the national, state and local level. Your RPAC investments impact all three levels of government and are instrumental in supporting real estate industry issues. RPAC has been successful on many issues but we know there are still more on the horizon. For example, we continue to hear a lot of discussion about expanding the sales tax on services that could include real estate services. RPAC will continue to monitor these and many other emerging issues going forward. 

RPAC supports candidates who support our issues. The unique aspect about our industry is that our issues are not particularly about one special interest. Our interests represent home ownership matters, economic development and quality of life initiatives to name a few. Please know that your investment dollars are put to good use at all three levels of government and all decisions are made by your fellow members, serving as RPAC Trustees. An investment in RPAC is one of the best ways to influence your profession’s growth, the stability of the real estate industry and the stability of our communities. Together, we are a strong voice in government and the political process!

Why should you care?
Every day, government at the federal, state, and local level propose new laws and regulations that impact you, your business, and your clients.

A new law can cost you money. Indiana remains as one of a few states that does not have a transfer tax on real estate or taxes on services – services like selling real estate. So far we have successfully defeated several bills that would have created these taxes. But we must keep up the fight to keep these proposals at bay.

A new law can make it more difficult to do your business. Signs remain an important tool in the real estate business. Restrictive sign regulations make it difficult to get prospective buyers to your listing.

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Latest News

RPAC Goal Exceeded!

The 2016 RPAC fundraising year has concluded and we are pleased to once again announce that MIBOR has exceeded its goal for the second consecutive year. The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) goal of $102,479 was surpassed last week just in time before the fundraising year concluded.

Thank you to all of our 2016 RPAC investors. Each and every investment counts, and exceeding our goal could not have happened without you! Thank you to our major investors, especially, for helping close the gap. You went above and beyond! Click here to see our full investor list.

We'd also like to recognize the MIBOR divisions who made an RPAC contribution for 2016. The leadership of these divisions, in addition to division members, understand the importance of investing in RPAC and supporting REALTOR® friendly candidates and issues at the national, state and local level. 

Thank you to the following Divisions:
Greater Downtown 


Get Involved

Get On Board at 

Nearly 60% of Marion County voters voiced their approval on November 8 for an improved transit system in Indianapolis. The final phase of this effort lies with the Indianapolis City-County Council. Individual and collective outreach with councilors is a critical piece to ensure the Marion County Transit Plan is approved by the Council and approved at the full 0.25%. Improved transit in our urban core stimulates economic development, increases access to housing, employment and improves quality of life. 

We need a show of support.  Transit Drives Indy supporters are invited to attend the December 19 City-County Council meeting, and future meetings as they are set. We’re calling upon supporters to wear their TDI t-shirts and be present at 6:30pm to voice their support and encouragement directly to councillors before the meeting begins.

We need voices of support. We are urging all transit supporters to contact their City-County Councillor. Contact information for each councilor can be found by clicking here. The message is clear and simple: encourage councilors to act quickly and act at the full 0.25%. 

View the Marion County Transit Plan, Maps and Presentations




The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) and MIBOR members helped elect REALTOR®-friendly candidates last Tuesday by voting for our endorsed candidates. 98% of MIBOR and IAR RPAC supported and endorsed candidates were victorious on Election Day. REALTORS® serving as RPAC Trustees spent hours this year reviewing candidate questionnaires and conducting personal interviews before deciding on which candidates to support with your RPAC dollars.

The candidate review process covered a wide variety of issues including; economic development, taxes, sign regulations, planning and zoning, public safety and enhancing quality of life throughout our communities. Your RPAC investments help support REALTOR® friendly candidates and issues at all three levels of government. Click here for the full results from Election Day. 



The MIBOR RPAC Trustees are comprised of the following positions: Fifteen(15) REALTOR® members representing the geographic areas and divisions of MIBOR (Boone, Brown, Decatur, Eastern, Greater Downtown, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Madison, Montgomery, Morgan, Northside, Shelby and Southside), One(1) Appraiser representative, One(1) Commercial/Industrial representative, Three(3) REALTOR® members At-Large, MIBOR President – Elect, One(1) Affiliate member representative and One(1) MIBOR member serving as an IAR RPAC Trustee.



Calls for Action: From time to time, MIBOR will issue calls for action encouraging you to communicate directly with your legislator. The Member Industry and Advocacy Department monitors issues that are important to your business and will send messages to you directly or publish articles in REALTOR® Weekly requesting your assistance.

Join an RPAC Fundraising Committee
Attend a meeting (City Council, County Commissioners, Town Hall Meetings, Candidate Forums, etc.)



Why Invest in RPAC?

Get involved by joining your fellow REALTORS® by making a contribution to RPAC today. RPAC is the best investment you can make to influence the future of your industry. Whether you are a brand new member or a seasoned veteran RPAC offers a variety of giving levels so every REALTOR® can become involved in the political process. 



"RPAC enables MIBOR members to have a collective voice and influence on legislation and political races not only at the federal and state level, but on the local level throughout the 12-county region. RPAC allows more than 6,500 REALTORS® a seat at the table" -- John Creamer, RPAC Chair

"The continued protection of your business lies within RPAC. For every dollar you contribute 70% goes to fight the continued assault from local and state government and 30% goes towards Washington." -- Peter Pizarro, MIBOR RPAC Trustee (Hamilton County Division)


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