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Government and Community Relations

RPAC and Political Affairs | Economic and Community Development


Government and Community Relations Staff:

Chris Pryor

Lacey Everett

Zach Churney


REALTORS® know that many factors affect economic vitality and community wealth, including transportation, schools, planning and zoning, infrastructure, taxation, housing, crime, the environment and recreation. MIBOR works to inform policy makers about the real estate industry view on these critical issues. MIBOR and REALTORS® are actively engaged in local government, elections and political affairs. Staff monitors issues and works with elected officials on legislation at the local level pertaining to real estate, housing, economic development and quality of life factors. MIBOR also supports political candidates through their REALTORS® Political Action Committee. For more information, please visit

REALTORS® believe in:

  • Providing housing opportunity and choice by supporting market-driven housing approaches that encourage a wide-range of urban, suburban and rural housing choices at all price levels.

  • Building better communities by working to ensure a variety of housing choices, good schools, low crime, quality public services, efficient transportation systems, ample recreation and park areas, open space, strong employment base and an economically viable commercial sector.
  • Protecting the environment by considering policies and programs that aid the control of pollution; provide for programs that encourage preservation of natural resources, significant lands and properties of historical significance; and further encourage, through incentives, the protection of endangered species, aquifers, rivers/streams, agricultural lands, wetlands, scenic vistas, natural areas and open space.
  • Protecting private property rights by ensuring that every individual has the right to acquire and use real property with confidence and certainty that its value will not be unduly diminished by governmental action without just compensation or consent by the owner.
  • Implementing fair and reasonable public sector fiscal measures to adequately provide for the infrastructure needs of communities resulting from growth, by supporting the adoption of balanced, fair, equitable and incentive-based approaches to finance and pay for the development, expansion and maintenance of roads, schools, water and sewer facilities.









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