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Mass Transit Funding Plan Supported by Study Committee

Despite landing in a Summer Study Committee where bills are known to die, legislation for central Indiana transit system funding remains alive after a 12 to 1 vote by a panel of legislators from both the House and Senate on November 21st.  The Central Indiana Transit Study Committee passed a report out of committee recommending  the General Assembly enact legislation to enable several counties to establish or improve public transit systems. We anticipate a bill being filed in both the Senate and House soon. The recommendations include many pieces of the original proposal from the 2013 session that successfully passed out of the House before being sent to the study committee by the Senate. One new component would include a corporate tax to cover at least 10 percent of the total operating costs of the system. MIBOR staff testified in support of a transit plan and dedicated funding during an earlier meeting of the studying committee. More details on the win as well as next steps can be found in a recent article from the IBJ.