Mediation Arbitration

Mediation Arbitration

Dispute Resolution Process

Arbitration and Mediation
REALTORS® have an obligation under the Code of Ethics to arbitrate commission disputes through MIBOR, rather than filing litigation to resolve the matter. If a dispute is found to be arbitrable by MIBOR, a hearing panel will award the disputed commission based on a determination of procuring cause. However, because MIBOR has adopted a mandatory mediation policy, you will first be required to participate in a mediation session. Mediation is offered to assist members in resolving commission disputes. Mediation is voluntary and a decision is not imposed upon the parties. Rather, it provides the forum for members to work together toward a mutually agreeable decision.


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As a member of MIBOR, you are also a member of the State and National Associations of REALTORS®. Disputes are filed at the local level, however additional information on ethics issues can be found on our State and National Association websites:

Indiana Association of REALTORS®

National Association of REALTORS®