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Research Projects

Near Eastside Impact Study
 In 2012, MIBOR members donated $500,000 to lift up an emerging neighborhood in a project called Building a Living Legacy: Centennial Project. What was the result? What was the impact? Click here for the full report. *Updated to include 2014 data and trends!

Community Preference Survey
In 2012, The Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of REALTORS® (MIBOR) and the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) released the results of a region-wide Community Preference Survey that reveals the factors central Indiana residents consider most important when making their housing decisions, what their future aspirations are related to housing and how satisfied they are with their communities and overall quality of life. Click here to access the Executive Summary and the County-Specific Data Reports.

Mass Transportation in Central Indiana
In 2008, The Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce and MIBOR joined together to conduct an awareness study among voters in a nine-county region. Objectives of the research included: Exploring voters' attitudes regarding mass transportation options in the region, assessing willingness to use mass transportation and identifying key issues that will influence usage, determining the perceived need for public action on this issue, and the willingness among voters to support public funding for mass transportation, and evaluating perceptions regarding the best options for funding and support of mass transportation. Click here for the full study.