Advocating for transit will further assist in the accomplishment of a MIBOR goal: 

That a healthy real estate market exists in central Indiana. 

As such, MIBOR is vitally interested in the future of the communities where REALTORS® do business. 

We want these communities to thrive as both attractive places to conduct business and vibrant places to live and visit.

The expansion of our transportation infrastructure is an important investment in the growth of our local economy and the community-at-large in central Indiana. Public transportation investment will maintain and enhance quality of life in central Indiana.


Marion County Transit Plan

On November 8, Marion County Voters will have the opportunity to vote on a referendum to improve and establish public transportation in the county. MIBOR stands with numerous coalition partners in support of the referendum; improvement and expansion of mass transit options in central Indiana. 

Documents, maps and presentations on the plan are compiled and can be located here. Additionally, the Transit Drives Indy grassroots coalition website includes data, statements of support and opportunities to get involved, attend meetings and events to learn more, and links to social media channels to stay engaged.

Additionally, we have a one-pager that breaks down the key points on the value and impact of mass transit in our community. You can access that here.


Below is the language on the November 2016 Ballot. This will appear as QUESTION 2 before the Presidential Election question:

“Shall Marion County have the ability to impose a county economic development income tax rate, not to exceed a rate of 0.25%, to pay for improving or establishing public transportation service in the county through a public transportation project that will create a connected network of buses and rapid transit lines; increase service frequency; extend operational hours; and implement three new rapid transit lines?”



Transit News and Resources: