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New RPAC Trustees Announced

Published Monday, January 13, 2014 9:00 am

MIBOR RPAC Trustees recently met and held elections for new RPAC Trustees. RPAC Trustees operate solely and exclusively for the purpose of supporting issues and the nomination or election of candidates seeking elective office within the MIBOR jurisdiction. The Trustees meet throughout the year to interview candidates and determine whether support is appropriate. RPAC has, and continues to, promote the election of pro-REALTOR® candidates and the Trustees help raise and direct financial support and other resources to candidates who understand and support our (REALTOR®) interests. RPAC Trustees are comprised of the following positions: fourteen REALTOR® members representing the geographic areas and divisions of MIBOR, one appraiser representative, one commercial/industrial representative, three MIBOR members at-large, Chair of RPAC Fundraising Committee, MIBOR President-Elect, an affiliate member representative and two MIBOR members serving as IAR RPAC Trustees. Congratulations to the following individuals for being elected RPAC Trustees:

Lyn Wuethrich (East)

Mark Rattermann (Appraiser)

Phil Ludlow (Boone)

Laura O’Connor (South)

Pam Aguirre (Hendricks)

Sue Pfohl (At-Large)

Patty Thornberry (IAR)

Julia Evinger (IAR)

Kathy Hall (President-Elect)

We also would like to thank the following individuals for their service as many have expiring terms:

James Anthony (East)

Jason Tillema (Appraiser)

Nancy Patterson (South)

Ted Bitting (Hendricks)

Janet Jernigan (President-Elect)

Helen Metken (RPAC Fundraising Chair)

John Creamer (IAR)

The 2014 elections are approaching and the RPAC Trustees will be meeting often this year to interview candidates for endorsement and support. Elections such as the Fishers mayoral race and county races will occur. RPAC Trustees will review key political races throughout MIBOR’s district to determine the extent of REALTORS® involvement. Thank you to all of those who submitted applications and took the time to apply and consider RPAC.

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