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Central Indiana Transit Bill Update

Published Monday, February 10, 2014 9:00 am

Senate Bill 176 (Central Indiana transit) provides the expansion of public transportation services through local public questions placed on the ballot for eligible counties. SB 176 allows local officials and citizens the opportunity to decide for themselves whether or not to invest in transit throughout our community. This issue has been thoroughly debated for many years and after a summer study committee in 2013 proposed and passed transit legislation, SB 176 was amended and passed the Senate on February 4, 2014 by a vote of 28-20. A few important notes regarding SB 176:

  • SB 176 does not take a position on the merits of the decision about creating a regional transportation system and its funding.
  • SB 176 prohibits light rail and does not establish transit routes, transit vehicles or decisions regarding the transit system.
  • SB 176 does not create a new tax on the general public and does not permit the use of additional state dollars.

The Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives indicated that “it’s going to need some work,” however, progress is being made and the Indiana House of Representatives will now consider SB 176. This bill is subject to change throughout the legislative process. Additional information regarding SB 176 may be found here: An editorial authored by several organizations, including MIBOR, appeared in the Indianapolis Star on February 4th. Click here to view.

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