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New Lockbox App Available

Published Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MIBOR’s lockbox vendor, Sentrilock®, has implemented their new mobile app – SentriSmart®. Available in the App Store or through Google Play, some of the features of this free app include:

           the ability to open lockboxes with your smartphone or tablet 
           instant showing notifications
           ability to generate one day codes
           ability to view access logs
           ability to more easily assign and remove lockboxes from properties

With SentriSmart® in place, one-day codes are now associated to individual lockboxes for added security. You will need to know the serial number of your lockbox or have the lockbox associated to the listing in the Sentrilock® system to issue a one day code. There is NO additional fee to utilize this service. Click here to see features and download. Click here for getting started details. 

Remember your login for SentriSmart® is your member number with the “–mibor” after the number such as:  1234567-mibor or 654321-mibor.  The password is the same password that is used with Tempo or Fusion™.  You will then use your 4 digit pin number within the app to obtain the one day access code to open the lockbox.