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Matrix™ is Coming!

Published Tuesday, April 29, 2014

At this time, the contract details are being finalized to implement Matrix™ as the new BLC® listing service platform. The tentative plan is to bring the Matrix™ system up in parallel with Tempo and Fusion™ in November of 2014 for system testing.  System presentations and training will be in December and January, with a final implementation in late January or early February 2015. Following comprehensive training, Tempo and Fusion™ will be terminated and Matrix™ will be our sole BLC® listing service platform. The following is brief information about Matrix™:
As one of the fastest growing listing service platforms, Matrix™ has proven itself as a clear leader in listing service technology.  Unrivaled speed and cutting-edge functionality delver the performance modern real estate professionals demand.

With a freeform search bar and sub-second results – no matter how complex the query – searching with Matrix™ feels a lot like running a Goggle® search.  Right from the gate, the powerful platform serves up rich feature sets and extensive administrative functionality that can easily be customized, allowing users to define the system to suit their specific needs.

High-performance Functionality:
Matrix™ users can run searches, send emails, view maps, generate statistics, prepare reports, create customized listing presentations and much more, all in a few clicks.

Maximum Compatibility:
Matrix™ is a pure HTML platform, so the system can be accessed from virtually any web-browsing device, from Apple® Mac® and PC’s to tablets and phones.

Stay tuned for additional information as we proceed with the Matrix™ implementation.


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