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Matrix™ is Coming with Speed and Mobility

Published Monday, July 28, 2014

Have you heard? Matrix™ will be the new operating system to support the BLC® listing service.  Once implementation is complete, in early 2015, Matrix™ will fully replace the Tempo and Fusion™ systems. 

Internal testing will being in late 2014 and implementation is planned for the first quarter of 2015.  Training on Matrix™ will take place in December 2014 and January 2015.

Technology continues to advance and this upgrade will bring the operating system completely up-to-speed with the latest technology.  Think speed and mobility!  This will be a truly mobile-friendly system.  The BLC® Technology & Operations Committee vetted three systems and determined that this is the best system for today and tomorrow’s multi-device use.

You will be ready! Various training opportunities are being developed to get you up to speed right away.  “Roadshow” office presentations are being conducted this summer to give members a preview of what to expect.  These are not hands-on opportunities.  As testing is complete late fall, formal training will begin.  Subscribers can attend as many – and as many different – training options as they wish.  
MIBOR will offer:

  • Large off-site presentation style training throughout December
  • Hands-on training at MIBOR beginning in January
  • Hands-on training at consolidated Division meetings in January
  • Live Webinars for refresher tips
  • On-Demand videos for refresher tips available in February and available ongoing
  • Brown Bag lunch labs at MIBOR beginning in February

What Else?
Subscribers will be made aware of upcoming conversion information through articles in Fast TrackIndustry Insider, social media, emails, the Welcome Screen and postcard mailings.  The official source of Matrix™ news is up and running now at