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MIBOR Challenging Beech Grove Proposal That Could Force Eviction of Tenants

Published Monday, February 9, 2015

Recently the City of Beech Grove introduced a proposal aimed at holding property owners accountable to maintain conduct and provide a pleasant environment for their neighbors. The proposal would define a disorderly house and a place of nuisance where prohibited conduct is suspected and where a notice will be sent ordering the owner to abate such suspected prohibited conduct. These orders to the property owner may include filing an eviction action.

This proposal appears to be largely focused on rental property and tenants that have engaged in nuisance behavior and/or suspected prohibited conduct. MIBOR fully supports enforcement of appropriate laws and regulations by city officials, including law enforcement, to address such issues. However, we question the ability of any city to be able to force the eviction of tenants and have strong concerns that there appears to be a lack of due process for such actions for both owners and tenants. 

MIBOR has expressed these and other concerns with city officials and Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley tabled the proposal before the last city council meeting in order to take our concerns under consideration. The next city council meeting where the proposal could be up for consideration is March 2nd.

A copy of the proposal can be found here. For questions or comments please contact Chris Pryor, MIBOR Member and Industry Advocacy Director at 956-5240

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