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Matrix™ Cutover Moved to September 2015

Published Monday, February 23, 2015

With the date to fully implement Matrix™ and discontinue use of Tempo and Fusion™ less than two weeks away, the decision has been made to move the transition date from March 4, 2015 to September 9, 2015. 

All three systems will run in parallel until September 9th. Add/Edit functions will run in Tempo and Fusion™ only until September 9th.

This decision was made after careful and thorough consideration of your comments, concerns and difficulties with some aspects of Matrix™. In short, we listened to you and appreciate the difficulty of fully mastering a new system integral to your business with the selling season now upon us. When we announced the adoption of Matrix™ last year, we promised that you will be ready. It’s clear that promise will not be fulfilled by March 4th.  Development changes needed to make the system easier for your use could be ready within 30 days. We have committed over the years, and remain committed, to minimizing disruption during your busiest times. So, rather than pushing the cutoff date back 30 days, we will miss the busiest parts of the season by transitioning in September. This will allow for significantly more training.

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