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New Lead Generation Interface on

Published Monday, November 16, 2015

The new public interface located on is powered by a company called Solid Earth. A great deal of listing lead information is available to members on the site. In this article, we will avoid a lengthy explanation of all the features and focus on a few basic elements to get you started and make sure that you are aware of, and able to claim, leads on your listings

When consumers register on the site, they can request more information about a listing. That inquiry generates an email that is sent to you as the listing agent.

The email will come to you from the email address Some members are incorrectly interpreting this as spam. Please read all emails from this address; they are authentic leads on your listings. At the bottom of the email, click the blue box that says ‘Claim this Lead’. You will need to follow a few steps before you see the consumer’s email or phone number (whichever they provided). Please note this series of steps is being shortened.

1. In the body of the email, click on the blue ‘Claim this Lead’ button which will take you to the public search homepage.

2. On the public search homepage, click the ‘Sign In or Register’ button in the upper right corner. You, as a BLC® subscriber, are already registered. You should sign in here not register. The sign-in hyperlink looks like this:




3. That link takes you to the sign-in portal you use every day to access the BLC® listing service, sign in there which will take you to the BLC® Dashboard.

4. On the BLC® Dashboard, click on the ‘ Lead Management’ icon that looks like this:

MIBOR REALTOR® Association - REALTORWeekly_NewLeadGeneration_111615







5. Once there, you can see all the lead generation activity, such as impressions and views, on your listings.

6. Click on the listing with the address that matches what you were sent in the email. Click the ‘Lead Pools’ icon from the blue bar on the left-side of the page. The lead will appear in the box to the right with an orange ‘Claim this Lead’ button, click that to reveal the consumer’s contact information.

The ‘ Lead Management’ icon on the BLC® Dashboard will always take you to your listing activity so regardless of whether you have received an email notification, that is a great place to visit periodically. For questions about the lead generation process, email