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Shelbyville Mayor Pushes for Major Downtown Redevelopment

Published Monday, June 13, 2016

Mayor Tom DeBaun, Shelbyville, is calling for a major redevelopment plan that impacts the Shelbyville community. The plan includes creating a center gathering plaza on the main circle, re-orienting parking by use of an underground parking lot or surface lot, changing the circular traffic flow and investing in historic buildings by transitioning them into hotel and living spaces. The proposal includes the possibility of private investment as well with a potential price tag of $39 million. 

This proposal, the possibility, vision and dialogue is one of the reasons why the MIBOR RPAC Trustees have continued to support Mayor DeBaun. This is a bold plan that requires creative thinking and addresses the main square, which is currently a parking lot lacking green space or amenities, in desperate need of attention and investment. “I would say it’s an investment in the long term viability of the community,” said Mayor DeBaun. While the City is looking at all financial options including bonds and grants, Mayor DeBaun anticipates the earliest these issues can be addressed is likely three to four years. For news coverage, click here