Transit Drives Indy Coalition Applauds Council on Transit Proposal Approval

Transit Drives Indy Coalition Applauds Council on Transit Proposal Approval

Published Monday, February 27, 2017
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Monday February 27, 2017

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Transit Drives Indy Coalition Applauds Council 
on Transit Proposal Approval

Tonight, the Indianapolis City-County Council voted 17-8 to approve Proposition 3, enacting a 0.25% income tax increase to fully fund the Marion County Transit Plan which will provide 70 percent more service hours, running every route, every day.

“We applaud the City-County Council, especially Council President Maggie Lewis, for making the Marion County Transit Plan a priority, and now a reality, for Indianapolis,” stated Michael Huber, President and CEO of the Indy Chamber. “The Indy Chamber has been dedicated to improving transit because we understand that these improvements are critical to creating more opportunity for our residents and neighborhoods.”  

“MIBOR REALTOR® Association has been involved in the conversation and effort to improve mass transit in the Indianapolis region for more than a decade,” said Shelley Specchio, CEO of MIBOR REALTOR® Association. “Our association’s top goal is to ensure a healthy, vibrant real estate market exists throughout the central Indiana region. For far too long Indianapolis has been reluctant to invest in an adequate transit system. Yet, Indy currently ranks as the 14th largest metro area with a bus system ranked 86th in the country in funding. Cities across the country continue to invest in transit and now Indianapolis is stepping up to the plate. Thank you to the councillors that voted yes tonight for better transit options, for opportunity for all citizens, and for a growing economy and healthier city.”

“Tonight, after decades of planning, hundreds of community conversations and thousands of public comments, the City-County Council has ensured constituents across Marion County that they will finally see significant transit improvements including all-day, high-frequency service, seven days a week -- every route, every day,” said Kelli Mirgeaux, Grassroots Coordinator, Transit Drives Indy. “Thank you to each councillor that voted in support of an investment that truly benefits each and every one of us in this city.”

“Reliable transit options have always been a key to making Indianapolis a better connected city and a more livable community,” said Sarah Waddle, AARP Indiana State Director. “Thanks to the action taken tonight by the City-County Council, residents of all ages, and older residents in particular, will soon have easier access to the transportation they need to do everyday tasks.”

“United Way of Central Indiana thanks the Council for this bold action," said Ann Murtlow, President and CEO, United Way of Central Indiana. "Improved public transportation means hundreds more of our residents will have greater access to jobs, critical health care and educational opportunities. United Way has been a proud and dedicated partner in this broad community effort.”

“Enhanced transit will improve the economic mobility of neighborhood residents by connecting them to jobs and education,” said Tedd Grain, Deputy Director, Indianapolis LISC. “For someone making 80 percent of the area median income of Indianapolis, reliable transit that replaces the expense of owning a car represents a 14 percent pay raise. Enhanced transit will connect authentic neighborhood destinations to more people, creating opportunity for these places to become Great Places—centers of commerce, culture and community. For neighborhoods that suffer from lack of investment and vacancy, enhanced transit can have a transformational impact, spurring equitable investment along transit corridors. Enhanced transit is a win for both the people and places of Indianapolis.”

"Improved public transportation is critical to making Indianapolis a better city and improving the quality of life for all of our citizens," said Tony Mason, President and CEO, Indianapolis Urban League. "Each year, the Indianapolis Urban League serves over 1,500 individuals through various workforce development initiatives.  While 80% of our clients who complete our training programs secure employment, the majority of them must still overcome transportation issues and access to stable jobs that pay livable wages. Simply put, support for mass transit is support for empowering Indianapolis towards a brighter future with greater economic opportunities for all who call it home or headquarters."

"We are greatly pleased with the Council's vote, and believe it promises cleaner air and a healthier community as a result of new investment in a more robust and energy efficient transit system for Indianapolis," said Jesse Kharbanda, Executive Director of the Hoosier Environmental Council.

“Health by Design partners have been working toward this moment since 2008, when the Indiana Citizens’ Alliance for Transit (ICAT) was formed with the express purpose of securing additional transit funding and funding tools for Indianapolis and communities around the state,” said Kim Irwin, Executive Director, Alliance for Health Promotion. “We commend the City-County Council for their affirmative vote tonight, as well as for their thoughtful, deliberative approach to this process over the past several years. We look forward to supporting implementation of the Marion County Transit Plan and seeing the vast benefits that will result for residents, visitors and the community itself.”

“The Indiana Latino Institute thanks the City-County Council for approving the Marion County Transit Plan,” said Marlene Dotson, President & CEO of the Indiana Latino Institute. “This vote to improve the transit system will help move Indianapolis forward. ILI supports this effort as it will assist our Latino community to fully participate in the economic, social and educational opportunities.”

“Tonight’s vote by the City-County Council demonstrates its commitment to making Indianapolis a more livable, accessible community for all people,” said Orion Bell, CEO, CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions. “Better public transit empowers seniors and people of any age with a disability realize their goals of greater independence, dignity and quality of life. Thank you to each councilor that voted in support of an investment that truly benefits each and every one of us in this city.”

"We are very excited about the changes coming to transit in Indianapolis," said Lou Moneymaker, President and CEO of Bosma Enterprises. "Transportation is paramount to creating opportunities for people who are blind or visually impaired to live and work. We applaud the Indianapolis City-County Council and everyone who has made this possible. It is forward-thinking initiatives like this transit proposal that will make Indianapolis better."

“Thank you to our City County Councillors for listening to voters,” said Molly Chavers, Executive Director, IndyHub. “IndyHub represents the largest network of 20- and 30-something talent in the city, and expanded public transportation has topped our priorities for several years. This investment is critical to keep our city moving forward, and we're proud of the work that's taken place to make the Marion County Transit Plan a reality for all in our city.”

The Transit Drives Indy (TDI) Coalition, comprised of organizations across Marion County, seeks to educate voters in Marion County on the benefits of public transportation and advocate in support of funding for the Marion County Transit Plan. #transitdrivesindy