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MIBOR RPAC Trustees Endorse Candidates for 2018 General Election

Published Thursday, October 18, 2018

MIBOR RPAC Trustees Endorse Candidates for 2018 General Election, November 6

Election Day is fast approaching. Your MIBOR RPAC Trustees, made up of MIBOR members representing each of our service counties, have assessed the contended races, conducted interviews and made endorsement decisions for the 2018 General Election on November 6. Below are the candidates that have received RPAC endorsement and support. RPAC supports candidates who support our issues. The unique aspect about our industry is that our issues are not particularly about one special interest. Our interests represent home ownership matters, economic development and quality of life initiatives to name a few. Your RPAC investments impact all three levels of government and are instrumental in supporting real estate industry issues. RPAC has been successful on many issues but we know there are still more on the horizon. To get involved, or make your investment, visit