Economic & Community Development

Economic & Community Development


In the early 1990’s, MIBOR REALTOR® Association became involved with economic development efforts in central Indiana because of the expansion of United Airlines in Indianapolis. Now, nearly thirty years later, we are on the forefront in our involvement with economic and community development compared to peer Associations across the country.

We, like the National Association of REALTORS®, continue our involvement with economic and community development because we know it directly impacts the marketability of our communities and the long-term sustainability of your business. When we look at impactful community-based initiatives we discuss things like walkability and design, the availability of green spaces such as parks and trails, education opportunities, retail and restaurant development, multimodal transportation options, and other components that have direct ties to what makes an area an attractive place to live.

Our goal is to empower REALTORS® to assist in leading the efforts around economic and community development. We position our members to be on boards for Local Economic Development Organizations (LEDOs), we engage them on issues pertaining to local education,  and we provide a variety of tools for their overall success as leaders. Our goal is to see REALTORS® not only as professionals in the transaction but also as valuable assets in their communities.

By leveraging our relationships with elected officials, economic developers, civic leaders and other organizations across central Indiana, we are sitting at the table. We have collaborated on projects like the Indy region’s Amazon HQ2 bid, the regional mass transit initiative, we collaborate with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and countless other organizations and initiatives. Our efforts mean more than just a seat at the table, though. We want REALTORS® to be the resource in the transaction and in the community.

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Economic Development Council

Your 2019 Economic Development Council Members Include:

Judy Koehler 

Hamilton County 


Lee Ann Balta 

Boone County 


Kathy Taylor 

Morgan County 


Bob Lewis 

Indy Partnership  


Greg Morrison 

Montgomery County 


Mark Dudley 

Hancock County 


Steve Thompson 

Madison County 


Danielle Johnson 

At Large 


Darlene Freeman 

At Large 


Bob Lindgren 

At Large 


Lou Zickler 

At Large 


Rusty Carter 

At Large 


Roy Wilson 

At Large 


Debbie Pidgeon 

At Large