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The MIBOR BLC® Policy Committee is a standing committee of MIBOR REALTOR® Association. The purpose of this committee is to review and recommend updates to the BLC® Listing Service policies including Rules and Regulations, Policy Manual and Field Guide. Recommendations are forwarded to the MSC Board of Directors for approval.


The MIBOR BLC® Policy Committee shall consist of 8 members. Expiring terms will be replaced by selection from volunteer applicants on an annual basis by the MIBOR President and confirmed by the MIBOR Board of Directors as per MIBOR Bylaws Article 13. All members must have a minimum of 2 years’ real estate experience. Consideration will be given to firm size, geographical location, technological experience, number of transactions, committee experience in an effort to provide a balanced compilation of committee members. Committee members serve 3 years with terms beginning in January.


The composition of committee members will be:

  • 3 Residential REALTORS®
  • 1 Appraiser
  • 1 Property Manager
  • 1 Builder

Chair: Appointed by MIBOR President. Oversees meetings, serves as main group spokesperson
Vice-Chair: appointed by MIBOR President-Elect. Works in conjunction with the chair.
Staff Liaison: Vice President of Business Technology will serve as a liaison to the committee.


Committee members will demonstrate a strong understanding and interest in the policies of the BLC® Listing Service, research and recommend policy which fosters cooperation and compensation amongst participants and subscribers while respecting individual business models. The MIBOR BLC® Policy Committee generally meets bimonthly on the 1st Wednesday of odd months at 2:00 pm. Committee members agree to attend all committee meetings. A member who fails to attend two successive meetings without excuse will be deemed to have resigned, as per MIBOR Bylaws Article 13.2.