Baby its (Getting) Cold Outside, But Donít Worry

Baby its (Getting) Cold Outside, But Donít Worry

Posted by: Claire Belby on Sunday, November 30, 2014 at 7:00:00 am

Baby its (Getting) Cold Outside, But Don’t Worry

REALTORS® are experts at getting your house sold no matter the weather. Here are five tips on making your listing shine.

  1. Stay on top on the exterior. Weather changes quickly in central Indiana. One day we have several feet of snow and a few days later is 50 degrees outside. That leaves a lot of debris. Make sure the walk and front entrance area are clear of snow or snow remnants like ice, leaves, salt, etc.
  2. Pay attention to internal temps. When leaving your house for a showing, make sure the temperature is not too hot or cold. If you are gone all day, program the heat for a comfortable level but don’t overdo it. It’s not a welcoming sign to enter a house from the cool outside blasted by a wall of heat.
  1. To decorate or not? This is a big one. As the holidays approach, sellers are often conflicted about putting out all their usual decorations. REALTORS® agree on this point, less is more. Potential buyers will appreciate seeing some of your holiday cheer as long as it’s tastefully done. When in doubt, you should probably dial it back a little while the house is on the market – you can channel your inner Clark Griswald next year. And another thing, don’t leave the decorations up too long. If your wreath is still hanging up on Valentine’s Day, your would-be buyer will wonder what else you have neglected in the home.
  1. Consider brightening up the entrance. You can’t control the outside temperature or loss of daylight, so you might want to consider brightening up the exterior by painting the front door and installing additional exterior lighting. Studies show, entry door upgrades are good investments — switching a vinyl door for a steel one recoups 85.6 percent of its value at selling time. And painting the front door a bright, tasteful color can change the look and feel of your entry entirely.
  1. Follow your REALTOR’S® lead. This may be the first time you have sold a house in the unpredictable winter months, but your agent has been down this well-travelled road before. Ask your agent what is best and rely on that expertise. 


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