Are You Ready for a Smarthome?

Are You Ready for a Smarthome?

Posted by: Jake Wheatley on Sunday, January 5, 2020 at 6:00:00 am

There are a lot of arguments for and against smart homes, fear of personal information being sold or even stolen through the use of smart technology is a very serious deterrent for a lot of people. It’s an argument that has plenty of valid points, but let’s play devils advocate and say that you’re thinking of getting your first smart device, and you aren’t sure where to begin, that’s where I come in!

The HUB 

First, you’re going to need a hub that everything communicates to, which will communicate with you, there are several options, for reference, I went with the Amazon Alexa, but you could choose any on the market and probably get similar results.

 The HUB acts as a channel for you to communicate to all of your other smart devices. Want the lights dimmer? Say it and it shall be done (within range of the HUB of course)


There are PLENTY of options when it comes to what you can set your home up with, from smoke detectors to irrigation systems, there is no limit to what’s possible, and it’s got plenty of room to evolve. 

An easy one to start with is smart lights, setup is minimal, and you can get immediate results. My wife and I love being able to turn the lights when we get back from the grocery store just by asking the HUB to do so. Lights can also come with the ability to change their color to thousands of options, a truly immersive feature for movie fans, gamers, or partiers

Routines and customizations

This is where most people have had enough, including myself. It’s exciting getting everything working, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Once you’ve gotten used to using the smart technology, you can start to teach it routines about your regular living style. 

Love coming home to music? You can sync your gps with your hub to get music playing for you when you arrive home. Want to be stricter about bed time? You can set up your lights to dim themselves at a certain time every night to help remind you to shut down for the day.

Bottom line is that smart technology isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok, but it’s undoubtedly becoming more and more of an everyday aspect for everyone, so why not embrace it?

If you want to learn more about smart tech, you can read plenty here!


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