MIBOR Committees

MIBOR Committees

Committee Information

MIBOR Committees support MIBOR’s mission and are great way to get involved and make a difference in your industry. If you have passion and expertise that could help MIBOR REALTOR® Association empower members and strengthen the marketplace in central Indiana, we want you! Below are our standing 2020 committees and their staff liaison. If any pique your interest, follow the link to apply.

All 2021 applications are due by October 31, 2020. 

Committee Application

BLC® Listing Service Technology Committee

This committee reviews, evaluates and recommends technology solutions regarding possible integrations into the BLC® Listing Service. Committee generally meets on an “As Needed” basis.

BLC® Listing Service Policy Committee

This committee reviews and recommends BLC® Listing Service policy including Rules & Regulations, Policy Manual and Field Handbook. Committee members generally meet the second Friday of odd months at 2pm-4pm.

MIBOR Economic Development Committee

This committee is a council of members engaged with local economic development organizations (LEDOs) and other community entities that impact the health of the local real estate market. The council meets regularly to share pertinent information on economic development projects in their area.

MIBOR Finance Committee

This committee monitors the financial well-being and budget of MIBOR REALTOR® Association. Committee generally meets on the last Monday of each month , 9am – 11am.

Staff Liaison: Dwayne McCoy

MIBOR Grievance Committee 

This committee provides the initial review of ethics complaints and arbitration requests, ensuring those that qualify for a hearing are forwarded to the Professional Standards Committee.

Staff Liaison: Tracy Nierste

MIBOR Professional Standards Committee

This committee is available to serve as hearing panelists to hear ethics and arbitration complaints. Hearing Panel Chairs make recommendations to the Board of Directors on policy matters affecting Professional Standards and professionalism.

Staff Liaison: Jeanette Langford

MIBOR REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) Trustees

This committee monitors local issues and ordinances that may impact housing or the real estate industry. In addition, this committee interviews and endorses candidates that support our issues including but not limited to: your profession, homeownership, economic development and quality of life.

Staff Liaison: Lacey Everett

MIBOR NextGen Committee

This committee helps rising members excel by giving them resources and encouragement to become involved in leadership, networking, and community. Committee members generally meet the first Monday of each month, 11am.

Staff Liaison: Andrew Huber and Sierra Troitsky

MIBOR Nominating Committee

Staff Liaison: Lindsey Ryan 

MIBOR REAL Applicant Review Nominating Committee

Staff Liaison: Jeanette Langford