Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Throughout the year, MIBOR offers affiliate members the opportunity to sponsor events. This is a great way to further leverage your REALTOR®, as this is only available to MIBOR members.

Collaboration between MIBOR and sponsoring affiliate partners is beneficial to both MIBOR affiliates and REALTOR® members – REALTOR® members become connected to new resources and gain knowledge regarding some of the many options available to them and their clients.

REALTOR® Foundation Sponsorship

There are extensive opportunities for sponsorship through The REALTOR® Foundation.

REALTOR® Foundation

Division Sponsorship Opportunities

It is common for many of our divisions to seek sponsorship for meetings or other events. If you wish to sponsor one (or many!) division meetings, please visit our divisions page (link below) and reach out to leadership of the division you wish to sponsor directly.

MIBOR Divisions