Government & Community Relations

Government & Community Relations

Key Areas of Focus

We are the largest trade organization in America and the only advocacy group that fights exclusively for homeownership, property rights, real estate investment, strong communities and the free enterprise system.

The REALTOR® Party leverages our association's best asset - a grassroots network of 1.2 million REALTORS® across the U.S. - to work hard on behalf of America's 75 million homeowners and those who aspire to one day own a home.


Monitor all of the local units of government, in the 12 county area, for issues that impact real estate and our communities.

Build relationships and lobby elected officials on the local level regarding real estate and quality of life related issues.

Work alongside REALTORS® through the REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) to support candidates that support our issues through endorsements, campaign contributions, voter data, and campaign consultation.

Work with local elected officials and community and economic development groups to promote responsible development that meets needs and supports talent attraction and a vibrant real estate market.


Why Political Affairs & Advocacy?

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