It Rained. When Should I Mow?

It Rained. When Should I Mow?

Posted by: Andrew Huber on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 6:00:00 am

As you’re reading this, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s currently raining outside.  I’ve lived in Indiana my entire life and I don’t remember a wetter June.  If we’re being honest, I don’t mind the rain.  As a fair-skinned person, the sun has always played the role of adversary more than ally.  I enjoy the sounds and smell of the rain, then enjoying a stroll in the peaceful aftermath.  Enough about me, let’s talk about what every Midwestern is thinking about now and before they fall asleep every night: what does this mean to my lawn?

Our lawns are durable, they’re built to withstand four seasons of Indiana weather.  They’ve been loving this increase in precipitation.  Meaning an elevated rate of growth.  This past weekend, I was reading hourly reports to find my window to mow before the Jones started talking about my overgrown lawn.  According to Wright Lawns, you’ll want to look at your blades of grass to make sure they’re not so wet they’re bent over, thus missing the blade when you cut.  You also don’t want the grass to be so wet that the blades will clump together when you cut, then possibly leading to big heavy clumps that could possibly harm your lawn.  And finally, when you’re cutting make sure your lawnmower sounds healthy.  When dealing with damp grass, it demands more work out of mower which could lead it to overheat.

My favorite tip from the article is simple: before you cut, take a lap in your trusty lawn-mowing shoes.  When you’ve completed your lap, if your shoes are wet, you should probably wait a little longer. 

You take pride in your home, and your lawn is certainly no exception.  With this change in weather we must adapt.  When the rain ends, we’re all anxious to get outside and mow, but you must be smart and patient- make sure your grass is sufficiently dry.  If your shoes are wet, don’t mow yet! 

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