3 Great Ways to Save On Energy Costs This Summer

3 Great Ways to Save On Energy Costs This Summer

Posted by: Jake Smith on Sunday, July 7, 2019 at 6:00:00 am

Most people expect higher energy costs in the summer. We crank up the air conditioning to get out of the sun; the kids are home from school and spend all day on their electronics; and, when you finally convince them to play outside, you find yourself washing extra loads of bathing suits, beach towels, and muddy clothes. The warm weather comes with a price. But, with a little preparation, you can manage your energy use wisely and cut down on your bill.

Use the Barbecue
Your kitchen is full of appliances that generate a LOT of heat, this can raise the temperature in your kitchen by up to 10º! A good way to avoid this is by cooking with your microwave when convenient, microwaves are insulated and do a much better job at keeping heat from escaping than your ovens and stoves. To keep the heat out of the kitchen altogether you can cook outdoors. Fire up the grill and invite some friends over, your kitchen will stay cool, saving you plenty on energy consumption.

Cut back on hot water
A large amount of energy consumption in your home comes from your water heater. Try cutting back on the use of hot water so that your water heater isn’t working so hard. You can do this by taking shorter showers with cooler water, washing dishes in cold or warm water, and by washing clothes in a cold wash. For extra energy saving you can let your clothes air dry on nice days rather than running your dryer!

Keep Track of Your Electronics
When you place heat-generating devices such as lamps or TVs near air-conditioning thermostats, you can trick them into thinking the room is hotter than it really is. Your thermostat will sense the heat from these devices and spend extra energy trying to cool the house down. Be mindful of where your thermostats are and try to keep electronics away from them. Devices like computers, curling irons, hair dryers, stereos, and televisions heat up your house as well, so make sure they’re turned off when they’re not being used.

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