It Might be Time to Replace Your Fence

It Might be Time to Replace Your Fence

Posted by: Andrew Huber on Sunday, November 14, 2021 at 6:00:00 am

A good fence, with the right maintenance, can last decades. But like all things, they end. A power wash, a treatment… rinse and repeat…until not. Thanks to this article from All Counties, Here are some things to look for when it might be time to replace:

Rot. This will happen towards the bottom of the fence, closest to the ground. Rot begins where the moisture is. You can combat rot with maintenance and applying a preservative, but eventually nature will take over.

Leaning. Nature is brutal. Hard winds, precipitation,  heat, cold… part of the perk of the Midwest is having all four seasons, but it sure can be tough on your fence. If a fence is really starting to heavily lean its due to a worn out foundation, the structure is losing strength.

Split Boards. Same result of weather. Freezing, thawing, sun and rain. Wood can only handle so much.

Finally, when the repairs are too costly. The general rule on most things. If you find yourself having to set aside major house projects just to maintain the fence, it’s probably time to replace it.

All good things end. You’ve enjoyed your fence, but now it’s time to replace it. Take what you’ve learned and what you’ve liked from your existing fence and make the upgrade!

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