How to Turn Your Home into a Peaceful Retreat

How to Turn Your Home into a Peaceful Retreat

Posted by: Jaime Barb on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 at 6:00:00 am

We get it. A home should feel “lived in.” But, when you open your door are you breathing a sigh of relief, or are you instantly startled by the clutter?

Your home should be your retreat from the world, a place you can take off your shoes, cuddle up with a blanket and relax. If this is not how you feel, it may be time to rethink your design and décor. Here are eight ways to set up a peaceful refuge at home.

  1. Interview Yourself

    Everyone has a slightly different definition of what makes a peaceful home, so experts urge homeowners to start by asking a few personal questions, such as "Who am I?" and "What do I want from this space?"


  1. Consider the Flow

    A serene home is one that's easily navigated. If you find yourself tripping over the dog bed in the kitchen or struggling around a too-big couch to enter the den, you'll lose out on those Zen vibes.


  1. Serenity Starts at Your Front Door

    Coming home at the end of the day should be painless. In other words, don't let your foyer become a catch-all for everyone's belongings! Make sure you have a place to sit so you can untie your shoes, a spot to corral footwear, hooks for coats, and a container for keys and mail.


  1. Get Organized

    You've heard it before—and it's still true. Clutter can overwhelm a homeowner and kill any chance of serenity.


  1. Define Stations

    "Creating a zoned space definitely adds to the potential for harmony," says Gold. Zones in your kitchen make for easier meal prep (put all the critical tools in one area) and zones in the garage make you happier to return after work.


  1. Let Colors Soothe

    Gold says that blues and greens are connected to nature's healing elements, including the sky, ocean, and forest. But one size doesn't fit all when it comes to colors that promote joy. An all-white room may calm one person but annoy another, she adds.


  1. Choose Comfort Above All

    Your chairs should look great—but feel even better. If your pieces are stunning but no one wants to sit in them, what good are they? asks Chiarilli. And a streamlined look adds to a sense of calm in the room, says Henry, because it's peaceful to the eye.


  1. Add Textures

    A chunky throw on a bed is an easy way to add texture to the home. "I love mixing jute with cottons and leather, and velvets combine nicely with wools and linen," says Chiarilli. Along with metals, wood, and stone, you'll have a full complement of textures, which the brain needs to see to truly relax in a space, she adds.

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