Top Thanksgiving Dishes

Top Thanksgiving Dishes

Posted by: Andrew Huber on Sunday, November 24, 2019 at 6:00:00 am

Top Thanksgiving Dishes

Ah Thanksgiving.  Where most holidays usually have a tradition where eating is implied, Thanksgiving doesn’t sugarcoat it.  WE EAT.  We get together on a Thursday in November and we eat.  Of course, there are themes of family and appreciation, but it’s centered around a cavalcade of delicious food. 

This article from has definitively ranked the most popular dishes you’ll find at Thanksgiving.  For the most part, I’d admit I agree with it.  Surprisingly coming in at the 10 spot is the jewel of the Thanksgiving crown: turkey. 

Turkey is synonymous with Thanksgiving.  But if you’re like me, it’s not just turkey itself.  I rarely will just eat a cut of turkey.  I usually eat mine paired with mashed potatoes and gravy creating the perfect storm of southern-cooking-warmth in my belly.  The article also points out that we don’t eat turkey because it’s most desired, but because it’s big enough to feed a room.  A quantity over quality approach. 

Ironically number 1 is traditionally the dish that comes in the picture last: pie.  I don’t really eat pie when it’s not Thanksgiving.  I’d much rather explore other dessert options.  There’s something about pie with other Thanksgiving dishes that just makes sense.  Maybe it’s just continuing the carbohydrate assault you’re taking, but it just fits.  What other dishes do you think made the top ten?  Any dish that got left out?  Read more here! 


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