Wrapping Paper and Recycling

Wrapping Paper and Recycling

Posted by: Andrew Huber on Wednesday, December 18, 2019 at 6:00:00 am

As the final half of December approaches, no matter what you celebrate, it’s gift-giving season!  Whether it’s a coffee cup you receive at an office white elephant or a pair of socks from your mother-in-law, odds are we’ll be giving and receiving in upcoming weeks. 

The obstacle keeping these gifts anonymous is wrapping paper, the unsung hero of the holiday season.  According to this 2018 article by earth911, we generate about 4.6 million lbs. of wrapping paper each year (and I’d assume about 95% of that comes from the month of December alone).  So, what’s the green way to deal with this wrapping paper?

Unfortunately, the shiny, laminated form of wrapping paper is not recyclable, so don’t cram your recycling bin full of wrapping paper!  If the wrapping paper is metallic, has glitter on it, or has a texture to it, it is not recyclable. 

The solution?  Don’t use that type of paper!  Use fabric gift wraps, old newspaper (a “two-fer” because you’re reusing and it’s recyclable), or a gift bag that you can reuse for years and years.

We’re all wanting to minimize the footprint we leave behind, this holiday season should be no different!  Get creative in what you use to wrap your gifts!  You were creative in your idea for the gift so continue that creative streak with how you wrap that gift! 

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