Reflecting on the Year as It Comes to an End

Reflecting on the Year as It Comes to an End

Posted by: Jake Wheatley on Wednesday, January 1, 2020 at 6:00:00 am

As the end of a decade passes us, we look forward to a new one. Everyone will begin creating their new years resolutions, figuring out how to do better this time around. The produce section at the grocery store will always be tough pickings, the neighborhood gyms have people in lines to use equipment, your cousin won’t return your phone calls because they’re “on a tech cleanse”.


The new year is the best time to reflect on yourself, and decide what you want to do differently. Here are just a few things that maybe you’ve felt yourself lacking in, and you’d want to improve on!

Video Video Video

No matter how much you want to get away from tech, it’s always going to find a way back to you. So why not embrace it? Videos have been hugely successful in marketing for REALTORS®, they get your face out there in a way that allows you to communicate your character more than lines of text with a photo. Video is also the easiest platform for consumers to digest information, so give it a shot, you may turn out to be a natural vlogger!

Update that Headshot

The quality of an image says a lot to the consumer, whether they recognize it or not. Ditch that headshot that crops out too low, and hire a professional photographer to get you a few good photos that you could use for different platforms to keep things fresh!

Retain a Student Mentality

We’d all like to consider ourselves experts of our industry, and plenty of people are, but a true master understands there is ALWAYS more to learn. Don’t let yourself get in a creative rut, try new things, experiment with different tools and resources, and ask for advice or opinions. There is always something new to learn.


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