How to Use ShowingTime like a PRO

How to Use ShowingTime like a PRO

Published Tuesday, August 18, 2020

We understand that many of our members have brokerages that provide ShowingTime. ShowingTime is not a product of the MIBOR BLC, however it has become an integral part of conducting real estate.

Over the last several weeks MIBOR has received questions such as,“Why aren’t I receiving confirmation or cancellation requests for my showings?", or "Why am I getting feedback requests for properties I have never shown?".

Because this affects so many of our members, we reached out to ShowingTime to clear up the confusion. Below are some facts that will help you and your business.


  • ShowingTime offers 2 levels of service for Listing Agents, Appointment Center Service and Self-Service (also called ShowingTime for the BLC®).
    • The Appointment Center Service monitors all showings and cancellation requests. They make sure the showings have been confirmed or cancelled, by those the Listing Agent has specified, when putting the listing in ShowingTime’s system.
    • The Self-Service level (also called ShowingTime for the BLC) accepts or declines all showings through the ShowingTime application.

  • ShowingTime is not a MIBOR membership benefit.
    • ShowingTime’s fee for Appointment Center Service is paid by either the Listing Agent or Brokerage
    • ShowingTime’s Self-Service is free for Listing Agents.
    • Any Real Estate Agent can schedule a showing through ShowingTime. There is no fee. 
      • The ShowingTime icon found on listings in the BLC® is provided for your convenience and is your direct link to schedule a showing.
      • For support, please email 
      • If you need additional support: ShowingTime Help Desk: 800-379-0057 or


  • LISTING AGENTS : If using ShowingTime for your listing, ALWAYS use ShowingTime to Accept or Decline any showing requests, regardless of your level of service with them.
    • Contacting Buyer’s Agents directly to Accept or Decline showings, instead of using ShowingTime, prevents the Buyer’s Agent from getting system confirmations and useful back end reports (i.e., Accurate # of showings per listing, Markets Stats for overall BLC® showings, etc.)
  • BUYER’S AGENTS: If you get a Feedback Request form for a property you scheduled a showing for, but did not receive a confirmation or a cancellation, know that it is a safeguard of ShowingTime’s system. Receiving it means the Listing Agent did not use Showingtime to Accept or Decline the showing. Simply return it with the comment, “Did not show.”