MIBOR RPAC Investors Recognize Advocacy is Essential

MIBOR RPAC Investors Recognize Advocacy is Essential

Published Sunday, December 20, 2020

It goes without saying that 2020 has presented all of us with unparalleled challenges. For our industry, we have certainly faced struggle, but there have also been silver linings.

At a time when the real estate industry needed it most, years of relationship building and investment paid dividends for REALTORS®. 

With those relationships, we 1) gained access to unprecedented relief including unemployment assistance and small business loans, 2) Real estate was deemed an essential business by the State of Indiana so real estate transactions could continue during the shutdown, 3) And we have had support at all levels of government, because elected officials are aware of the critical role housing will play in our economic recovery.

There will always be challenges on the horizon. 

Relationships will keep burdensome legislation like adding sales tax to commission, off the table. Relationships will help determine solutions to historically low inventory at the right price, type and location to meet demand. And relationships will keep real estate priorities at the forefront.

Thank you to our 2020 Investors for stepping up and recognizing the importance of being at the table. Thank you to our Major Investors for continuing to serve as the backbone of RPAC. We could not achieve these milestones without our investors.

If you have not invested in RPAC before, imagine what an even bigger impact we could make for this industry and your clients. Your colleagues have already stepped up – it shouldn’t be up to them to protect homeownership and this industry on their own. Make plans now to sign up for monthly RPAC investments for 2021!

RPAC’s Major Investors are a passionate group of REALTORS® whose investments help shape the political future of the real estate industry. Major Investors are eligible to participate in the NAR RPAC Recognition Program, with specific benefits and accolades that acknowledge their support of RPAC.

More so, these colleagues have stepped up to the plate to protect the future of real estate, protect homeownership and property rights and ensure the success of our communities. The level at which you collectively engage and invest ultimately shapes the size, scope, and impact of success we can achieve in those areas.

Golden R

Zachary Miller*

Crystal R

Bruce Bright

Shelley Specchio

Craig West

Major Investor

David Brenton

Rusty Carter

Annie Caruso

Patrick Daves

Jason DeArman

Douglas Dilling

Julie Downey

Evan Elliott

Angela Garard

Jayne Gauci

Larry Gregerson

Kathy Hall

Tracy Hutton

Nicole  Jensen

Regina Jones

Jerrod  Klein

Jordan Kornmann

Robert Lather

Phil Ludlow

Roger Lundy

Helen Metken

Jason O'Neil

Chris  Pagano

Megan Peyton

Sue Pfohl

Chris Pryor

Jennifer Ruiz

Randy Scheidt

Kristie Smith

Steve Thompson

Kelly Todd

Lisa Treadwell

Stacy West

Lynn Wheeler

Lynette Wuethrich*