Reporting a Data Error

Reporting a Data Error

Published Monday, September 27, 2021

When an error is reported or triggered by the BLC Listing Service, the report remains anonymous. BLC Data Integrity and Resolutions reviews the listing for accuracy and reaches out to the listing agent when an error or potential error is revealed. The listing agent is given two business days to confirm the data or make the update to the listing. 

Example: A listing is reported as having incorrect square footage. BLC staff reviews the listing and the tax record and assessor card. If the square footage source in the listing is shown as Assessor, the reported square footage must match. If the source is one of the other available options and there is a significant difference, the listing agent is requested to verify the reported data for accuracy, but a change may not be required. 

Example: A pending listing is reported as having an estimated closing date that has passed. BLC staff verifies the listing status and estimated closing date. If passed, the listing agent is notified of the requirement to update all listings to Sold within two business days of the closing date and is requested to either update the status or update the estimated closing date if it has been delayed. 

The member reporting the error is kept anonymous and is not entitled to know whether a violation was sent or a fine applied to the listing agent. BLC staff investigate and respond to all listing data error reports. 

The MIBOR BLC fosters an efficient marketplace by ensuring listing data is timely, accurate, and reliable. All listings taken by BLC Participants are required to be entered in the service. Listings must be submitted within two business days of the listing date. If public marketing occurs, the time to submit reduces to one business day to comply with the Clear Cooperation Policy. 

Become familiar with all BLC Rules and processes for compliance by reviewing the Policy Manual and by attending one of our Rules and Regulations: How they apply to you and our marketplace classes.