BLC® Listing Service

BLC® Listing Service

The MIBOR Broker Listing Cooperative® is your multiple listing service. We call it a cooperative because that term better describes the cooperation and connections created between both the listing and selling broker - resulting in a single, reliable source of data. Central Indiana REALTORS® and consumers benefit from the efficient and healthy real estate market the MIBOR BLC® Listing Service creates.




Subscribers of the MIBOR REALTOR® Association (MIBOR) Broker Listing Cooperative® listing service agree to use the MIBOR BLC® listing service compilation only in connection with the pursuit of the subscriber's business of listing, selling, leasing, and/or appraising real property and otherwise in a manner consistent with the MIBOR BLC® listing service Rules, Regulations, policies, and procedures.

In an effort to be the trusted source of listing data and to foster a healthy and efficient marketplace, the MIBOR BLC® Listing Service began enforcement of the Compliance Policy on January 1, 2019. The purpose of the Compliance Policy is to provide a clear process for violations of the BLC® Listing Service Rules & Regulations, Business Rules and Policies.

See the Policy Manual above for more information. If you’ve been cited for a violation of this policy and would like to request a hearing, click the link for Hearing Request Form below. 


Hearing Request Form