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Homeowners Reap Remodeling Benefits Whether Selling or Staying, Say Realtors®

Posted by: The National Association of REALTORS® - MAGGIE KASPERSKI on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

Survey Says -- The reasons homeowners choose a remodel and the increased happiness certain projects bring once completed: 

  • 64 percent have experienced increased enjoyment in their home after completing a remodeling project.
  • 75 percent of respondents said they felt a major sense of accomplishment when thinking of their completed project.
  • 54 percent of respondents felt happy about the changes to their home, and 40 percent felt satisfied.
  • 38 percent of homeowners said they wanted to upgrade worn-out surfaces, finishes and materials; 17 percent wanted to add features and improve livability; and 13 percent believed it was time for a change.

What appeals most to potential buyers? 

What yields the biggest financial results upon resale?

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