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Selling Your Home? Check These Items Off First

Posted by: Jaime Barb on Sunday, November 5, 2017 at 6:00:00 am

Selling Your Home? Check These Items Off First

Selling your home is a big move (pun intended), and as with any big decision, you should be prepared to help the process go smoothly. So before you put your house on the market, first take a look at this checklist of things you must do in preparation. Following this list will pay off once you receive that first offer!

  1. Find a great real estate agent
  2. Consider your curb appeal
  3. Declutter living areas
  4. Depersonalize your space
  5. Repaint walls to neutral tones
  6. Touch up any scuff marks
  7. Fix any loose handles
  8. Add some plants
  9. Conduct a small test
  10. Clean, clean, clean
  11. Hide valuables
  12. Consider staging

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