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NAR Required Code of Ethics Training

All REALTORS® must attend a class on the Code of Ethics every two years as a duty of membership. The deadline for the current two-year window is December 31, 2018.

Members may satisfy this requirement in one of the following ways:

New Member Orientation - REALTORS® who have joined MIBOR since January 1, 2017, have met this requirement by attending the Code of Ethics portion of New Member Orientation.

Existing Members - REALTORS® who have joined MIBOR prior to January 1, 2017, will need to have completed a class on the Code of Ethics (and must provide MIBOR with a certificate of completion) by December 31, 2018, chosen from one of these options:

  1. MIBOR sponsored Code of Ethics courses. None available at this time.
  2. Online through NAR - Members may take this class through NAR on (Code of Ethics Training). Please note: the free course does not include Indiana Continuing Ed credits. You may select to take the course offering CE at an additional cost.
  3. Attendance at a class offered by another education provider if MIBOR has determined that the class meets the required learning objectives and has been taught by a proven continuing education instructor. Members must submit a certificate of completion to MIBOR in order to receive credit for the class.
  4. Attendance at a class held by NAR, IAR, MIBOR or other REALTOR® Associations, which has been determined to meet the learning objectives required by NAR.

If the class has been taken from a provider other than MIBOR, the member must fax a certificate of completion to MIBOR in order to receive credit (fax: (317) 956-5050 or Email:

Note: Failure to comply with this requirement could result in a loss of membership.

For more information, contact: